Ninjas in Nature with Firelight

Ninjas in Nature with Firelight

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Children from 6 to 12 years are invited to join the amazing Firelight team with Bujinkan instructor Lisandro Duke Serra Delmar and Charlie McNair (Forest School leader and Wild Play facilitator) for a day enjoying the wonderful diversity of nature at Fforest Fields and learning the true way of the ninja.

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What happens in a session?

Bujinkan is a traditional Japanese martial art based on nine different traditional paths of the Ninjas and the Samurai. Its teaching follows a path of self-discovery rather than competition against others.

The session which will be tailored to the group, may include stealth training with games of sneaking and creeping; distraction and hiding techniques; and stick wielding and combat to preserve the sacredness of life.

They will venture into the woods with experienced outdoor play leaders and will come back with tales of antics, a range of new skills and plenty of ideas of what to do when they are next out in the wilderness :)

Who are Firelight?

Firelight inspires children by fostering a living connection with nature; exploring  the wildlife around us throughout the seasons. They run sessions across the region for children, which are much loved

Firelight says “We do not know what the future holds for our children. However, we do know that they will need to be adaptable and resilient in a world we cannot yet imagine. Firelight invites you to share the gifts and teaching of the natural world with your children, which we believe to be as relevant in this technological age as ever before.”

Craft, games, woodland wandering, spoken and written word and song are some of our tools. These are supported by compassionate communication, the developmental pedagogy of Waldorf education and Forest Schools UK

Do children need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian?

No, the sessions are led by highly experienced play leaders who work with children day in day out. Sometimes little ones can be a bit nervous to begin with, and they will help them feel settled and included from the start.

For adults this offers a couple of hours of holiday time knowing your children are scampering about, happy and adventurous elsewhere. It is sometimes just what is needed to rest, daydream, read, nap or strike out on your own adventure up the hill.

Ages, duration and group size

Sessions are two action packed hours long, for up to 14 children. If you go for the ‘day-long’ session it’s 4 hours, separated with lunch back at your pitch. The sessions are perfect for children aged 6 to 12, although older children who love being out in nature can also enjoy it hugely. If you have any questions please get in touch with