Our Wonderful Visitors!


We are very lucky to have some of the nicest and best visitors to grace campsites! The other day we were given a beautiful new sign “Welcome” made out of horseshoes from the stud where our caravanner used to work.  Needless to say we have now commissioned Croeso, Welsh for welcome and I’m seeing if we can get some of the other signs done in the same way.  By far the best present we get are recommendations, word of mouth. When we were thinking of setting up a campsite we went to take the advice of another farmer who had done just that twenty years before.  He gave us many wise words but one really stuck in our minds and that was that it will take twenty years before ‘word of mouth’ becomes your best advertisement.

We love it when people ring and say “we met this lovely couple in so-an-so and they said ‘you MUST visit Fforest Fields’, so here we are!”  I had one the other day where they had got talking in a pub in Kent of all places and discovered they both enjoyed caravanning, such a huge compliment, thank you!

This rather damp season trudges on with brilliant flashes of sunshine. With the exception of the Ash trees, which are being very reluctant this year, everything is out and green and growing at huge rate. Mowing has become a headache! About fourteen acres has to be done when the grass is reasonably dry, or it blocks the machine; it’s the weekly worry…what day shall we mow?!

Yesterday to huge relief George and Will finished putting in our new ‘Eco-friendly’ sewerage system.  It’s been a bit of a saga, with rain during the winter preventing us from digging the required size of hole, then we did get it in and the season started. Luckily we were able to keep using the old system but yesterday to a ffanfair, they joined the pipes and switched over to it.  This new system will certainly help us keep our Bellamy Gold Award and we are much happier that we have an up to date plant in place.

We have plenty of pitches available still. Even for the bank holiday, normally you are most welcome to just turn up but I’d be grateful if you would let me know if you’re coming for any dates at the end of July or August, we can get very busy, especially at weekends.

JournalJessie Barstow