Adventures for Children in Nature this Summer (2018)


We are thrilled to be welcoming Hattie and Lisandro from Firelight back to Fforest Fields this summer to lead fun sessions into the woods for 8-14 year olds.  Firelight inspires children by fostering a living connection with nature; exploring the wildlife around us throughout the seasons. They will also be telling stories around the fireside in the evening too for all ages.  They will be here on three dates:

Sunday 29th July
Saturday 18th August
Sunday 26th August

What’s On

Staffs, Wands and Wielding:
11 am – 1 pm | £10 

This fun 2-hour adventure in nature will give your children a chance to find wands and staffs from the woodland and learn how to whittle safely. They will also be shown how to wield a wand and staff with skill and grace…

Perfect for 8-14 year olds, the session will encourage them to let their imaginations run free, make great friends and return to the campsite with stories and, of course, their precious wand or staff!


Shelter Building, Survival, Sneaking and Stalking
2 pm – 4 pm | £10

Den building was such a hit last year that Hattie and Lisandro have created a new adventure where little ones will learn how to build a shelter, basic survival techniques as well as how to sneak around in the forest undetected.  The woods at Fforest Fields are perfect for Den building and your children will come away with new skills and muddy knees! This session is for 8-14 year olds.

Stories around a crackling fire
6 pm – 8 pm | £10

Watching the captivated faces of children listening to Hattie tell tales of foxes and magical forests last year was an absolute joy. Hattie and Lisandro will gather the children around an open fire, do some craft activities while telling fantastic stories just before bed after a long day adventuring! Parents are welcome to join younger children and listen in to the tales.