Help us Save The Seven Stars, Aberedw

Many of our visitors have enjoyed the warm welcome, hearty food and delicious ale at the dog-friendly Aberedw Pub ‘just over the hill’ from Fforest Fields.  It is a much-loved local landmark, which can be reached with a good 2-hour walk for our visitors across the top of the Aberedw Hill, or a quick nip around the hill by car.

Sadly it has now been closed since August last year and there is a planning application in for ‘change of use’ to turn this pub into dwellings.  We can’t let this happen and need your help!

Please answer all or any of the questions below to help us save the Aberedw Pub.  We truly appreciate any help and will keep you updated as we fight to keep it as this a public house for all.

The importance of pubs in rural communities

Pubs are a genuine lifeline in our rural community.  They help to bond the community, provide a place for groups and hobbyists to gather, stand as a watering-hole where local issues, concerns, news and politics are discussed.  They are where friends are made.  With other local services closing down, a pub can remain as one of the last real public spaces in rural locations.

Will we have to say goodbye to the Seven Stars at Aberedw?

The Seven Stars at Aberedw has been closed and seeking tenants or a buyer for the last year.  With little interest, possibly due to the price rather than the potential – we know how busy that place was – the current owners have applied for ‘change of use’ to turn this into a dwelling.

We need your help…

We can not lose this pub.  For our visitors, it provides a fantastic ‘day activity’, involving a long-enough-but-not-too-long walk across the open moorland of the Aberedw Hill.  This is a genuine draw for many of our visitors, who don’t usually have access to stunning open space like this – that they can access without crossing a single road.  From the top of the hill, they can smell heather, hear curlews, see the Beacons and Black Mountains and spend time connecting as a family or group before the promise of a pint and good meal at the Seven Stars.

Please help.  There are ideas on how this can be saved, once we have battled the ‘change of use’ – including possibly being bought by the community, for the community 

JournalJessie Barstow