Leave a Light Footprint at Fforest Fields

Camping is a special way to immerse yourself in the natural world. The dawn chorus in the spring here at Fforest Fields is extraordinary, we play host to numerous flora and fauna on the farm and the lakes are a hive of activity with wildfowl and even a watchful heron.  Otter have been spotted, curlews dive on the hill and last year we were treated to the trill of a nightjar.

When it comes to rubbish, camping supplies are often chosen for their convenience and rubbish on site is regularly dealt with by bunging everything into an available plastic bag and tossing it away without a second thought – even when there are recycling facilities on offer. We think this is because we aren’t helping enough and we want to change this.

From the start of this season we have changed the bin area and now have bins for:

Dry Mixed Recycling

In this bin we’d like you to put:

  • Cardboard (crushed down please)

  • Plastic (again, squished down if possible)

  • Cans – including tin and aluminium food cans/beer cans etc.

General Waste

You can use this bin for:

  • Food Waste

  • Dog poo bags

  • Non-recyclables

We’d appreciate it if you could use biodegradable bin bags, or thin small plastic bags such as pedal bin liners which will break open when squished at the tip meaning that your rubbish is free to decompose and won’t spend eternity (or near enough) encased in plastic!


We also have bins for your glass, you don’t have to separate the colours but we ask that you remove lids from jars and dispose of in the appropriate bin

Large items

We regularly have to dispose of large, bulky objects that have broken on your holiday or have been upgraded/replaced en route to Fforest Fields.  We ask that you do not leave these items with us, but that you take them home to dispose of how you usually would.  We end up having to take these to our local tip and it is always done with numerous tuts and rolling eyes!

Large Cardboard Boxes

We often find these left in the bin area, please break the boxes down and pop them into the Dry Mixed Recycling bin – or come and find at in reception and let us know.

We have ordered some buckets that you are welcome to borrow to put your recycling in and they will be available from reception.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can continue to improve our recycling and general waste area and approach – we’d love to work with you to make sure you are able to leave a light footprint during your holiday in mid Wales.

JournalJessie Barstow