The National Garden Scheme


A few weeks ago Katie and George visited a beautiful garden under the National Garden Scheme (NGS) at Woodlands Farm in Monmouthshire. The NGS opens the gates on often small and very personal gardens that you can visit by special permission all over the UK.

unnamed (2).jpg

As soon as we entered the intimate but perfectly formed space at Woodlands Farm, I was reminded just how much love can go into creating a garden space.

Perhaps, for my first visit under this scheme, I struck it lucky but I feel not. The small and very personal gardens that you can visit by special permission all have love in spades lavished on them, they are works of art, in tune with their local environment, this won’t be the last one we go to.  It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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The NGS helps raise money for some wonderful causes. Around £3.1 million was given last year alone, to support District Nurses. Over the years, money has been donated to Macmillan, The Queen’s Nursing Institute and Hospice UK.  All of the gardeners are all passionate about the physical and wellbeing elements of gardens too. I know that my mother always fondly recalled time spent in her garden, the smells and sounds, even when she was forgetting most other parts of life.

The gardens are all unique, some are small, some made up of several in a village, some are part of large country estates. They are open to the public on one or two days across the season.  To plan your visit to one near you use the excellent page on the National Garden Scheme website.

Be prepared to have some really wonderful home-made cake and cups of tea but mostly just drink up the deliciousness of the picture around you!