Spring in the air


There is quite a noticeable change at Fforest Fields. Last week, while Will was off enjoying the deep snow of Austria, George struggled to work outside. It was wet and cold and pretty miserable, he used this as a reason for spending the best part of the week tied to his desk. Running a farm as well as a campsite means that there is a lot of office work!

He managed to escape on Saturday and spend the whole day on the digger, making ditches to drain water and get it flowing away from farm roads. He was noticeably happier!

As always this is the time of year when we improve but particularly tidy, the campsite. The long winter with its awful weather has not been conducive to spending time outside, it was incredibly lucky that we made the new loo block last winter!

The plans we have so far are to complete the new ‘back shed’, this is a series of sheds that will house the dustbins, the mowers a store for essentials like wood and charcoal and also it will have a new, more central, chemical disposal point.

We are increasing the number of all weather pitches and also the size of some of the exsisting ones. They are gaining in popularity as visitors realise how much more environmentally friendly they are. There is far less damage to your tent and our ground and the rain drains

JournalJessie Barstow