Springtime at Fforest Fields


Really, it is, it is on its way, Spring that is…it’s about a month late but finally things are starting to grown and flower.  I was riding this morning through Terrible Hollow and the ground was carpeted with wood anemone, there were tiny violets in the banks and any minute now the ground is going to be covered in bluebells.

What a treat to all those of you who have booked for next weekend and the following half term week.  We might not have wonderful ancient houses, or expensive shops, towns renowned for Georgian architecture, beaches, sandy coves but boy, do we have scenery?!   We can easily out match the Beacons, the steepness and greyness of Snowdonia the wonders of the Pembrokeshire coast, mid Wales is THE place to visit if you just want to re-charge those batteries and breath deeply and take in the views. Gentle walking, nothing too difficult and suddenly the vista opens up and you can see for miles. Over the hill on the drive to Painscastle you can see the Cotswolds behind Gloucester, on top of the Aberedw Hill, just above the campsite, you can see to Newtown in the North and Pen y Fan and the western Beacons in the South.

I’ve been living here for about thirty eight years and I still stop and gaze at the view from the top of the hill, especially on a day when the clouds are chasing shadows across the ground, the hedges are turning white with the May blossom and the larch tree ‘bunches’ are breaking out.

This is the best time to be on the campsite too, everything is so very green, the mowers have been making neat stripes up and down and Susie’s green-fingered winter work is starting to bloom.

We don’t have much in the way of formal gardens, our site is in keeping with the surroundings, it’s in the middle of our family farm and it’s important that it looks as part of that environment as possible. ‘Sitting comfortably with nature’ has always been our mantra, our tree planting, our simple plants on the campsite, our lakes, ponds and now our new facility block have all been created with the simple and heart felt desire that nothing should stick out like a sore thumb!

If you want a genuine, warm welcome, a campsite that doesn’t pretend to be anything that it’s not, simple country towns that supply the essentials, empty roads, except when they are moving sheep,  and views that roll on for miles and miles then make Fforest Fields your next stop!

JournalJessie Barstow