Visit Wales - Top Marks :)


We are inspected by various ‘bodies’ over the year, The AA, David Bellamy, ASCI, Cool Camping, Alan Rogers and not least Visit Wales who give us our internationally recognised ‘Star’ rating.

Earlier this year the AA upgraded us from three Pennants to four and we have now heard that Visit Wales have given us 223 out of a possible 260 upgrading us from three to four star rating. This includes 40 out of 40 for the Toilet and Washing Facilities!

This year we have already received the David Bellamy Special Distinction Award for the new shower and washing facilities, so it is wonderful to have the endorsement from Visit Wales for them as well.

We have never ‘sat on our laurels’, in fact I don’t think George knows how to sit on anything, let alone laurels, he’s always got a ‘plan’ and modification that he thinks will make your stay more comfortable, or enjoyable, relaxed or easier. Will is hot in his father’s footsteps and with the two plotting and scheming I can see many improvements are planned for the next few years.

Chris Foster has built our lovely new bridge, something that George wanted to do when he put the cascades in for the top lake. It is beautiful and I can see is going to give as many photo opportunities as the jetty. Chris is now busily building a pagoda round the bench above the bridge for you to sit in and enjoy the peace and quiet. What is really special is that it is within 500 yards of the site and when you are there you can just see the bridge, the lake, trees and the wonderful hills of Radnor Forest in the far distance.

JournalJessie Barstow