Well Preserved - the benefits of cold water swimming

We love swimming in open water, here mid Wales we use the lakes and mountain streams to find the beautiful high that comes with plunging into cool, fresh water.

The message in this video is so simple and charming, we think it’s worth a watch.

There is no better way to start the day than an early morning sea swim. It's physical, mental, spiritual, communal - all wrapped up in a simple dip in the sea.

A group of women, who call themselves the 'Morning Swimmers of Sandagerði', brave the icy waters of the North Atlantic, along the coastline of the Faroe Islands, for their morning dip in the ocean. They go in every day of the year, sunshine or snow, unless a storm roughs up the water too much. And for them it is as much about connection and friendship as it is about exercise and invigoration.

JournalJessie Barstow