One of the first questions we are asked when people arrive is “where can we walk?” to which we do a sweeping hand gesture and say “anywhere…”. Before showing them the map of the farm and the adventures that await. The campsite, yurts and cottage are set in the middle of our 500 acre farm, with walking trails in all directions and lots to explore and discover.

When we started the campsite nearly 30 years ago we wouldn’t have been able to articulate the restorative power of being in immersed in nature. We knew we wanted to stay rooted here, it felt important for our family. Now we know that the landscape is at the heart of our own sense of wellbeing and vision. Every year we see the proof as visitors arrive feeling white washed by the challenges of day to day life and over the course of their stay start to feel more and more themselves.

Dogs are welcome at Fforest Fields. We often say it’s “The Dog’s Choice” and many pop their heads up as their owners rattle over the cattlegrid. We ask that you keep them on the lead on the campsite, but on the farm you are free to let them off their leash and let them explore. Dogs sleep very well here, after a long day in the fresh air!