There is something extraordinary about swimming in open water. With the sun or rain on your face. We dug the two lakes with our own fair hands (well, diggers…) because we knew how lovely it was to be able to swim, leap, jump or bob about while on holiday. On sunny days in mid summer the swimming lake can be a hive of activity. With kids and adults playing around. While in late autumn or early spring it can be refreshingly cold and dewpond still. We do have some who swim in winter too…

The Long Lake is situated beside the campsite and can be reached barefooted by carefully dodging the stonier parts of the path. A challenge we recommend!

We have a separate lake for fishing.


Other Good Local Wild Swimming Spots

One thing we are rarely short of in mid Wales is water, although it does sometime happen! Being so close to the Cambrian Mountains and surrounded by hills means that we have a number fantastic spots nearby that you may want to swim in. Have a chat with us when you are on site and we can help you figure out which one is best, they vary in distance and accessibility!