Winter at Fforest Fields

We love the winter here on the farm. While we often experience a mild and wet December, we know that the cold snaps are coming in January and February. The landscape is bleak at this time of year and the earth seems still, cold and quiet. We are often treated to stormy weather or lashing rain, which cascades down the waterfall and sets off down river.

During the winter months we’ll be working on the farm, fixing, doing, and catching up after the natural summer season. But the campsite is open and we love welcoming visitors at this time of year. Most people keep themselves to themselves and enjoy the freedom and space that it brings. We are open for Christmas and New Year, and always gather in the courtyard on New Years Eve to share a cauldron of warm mulled cider with our campers and guests.

We start to welcome more of our campers back in March and April, so the months proceeding are quiet, reflective and good to totally escape your day to day.